Mario Thanksgiving

Chef Mario's Appetizer: Signature Savory Cheese Cakes (Holiday Pre-Orders)



Signature Savory Cheese Cakes

Chili Cheesecake with Tortilla Chips (Gluten Free)

    • Our most popular- perfectly spiced with cheddar cheese & green chilies, slathered with sour cream and garnished with grape tomatoes, black olives and scallions served with Tortilla Chips
  • Spinach and Artichoke Cheesecake
    • Marinated artichokes, fresh spinach, shallots, Dijon and a kiss of lemon. Topped with sour cream and garnished with roasted veggies – served with Crispies
  • Jalapeno Popper Cheesecake
    • Everything you love about poppers, with a little Chef Mario’s twist: fresh and pickled jalapenos give this Cheesecake a little zip, combined with Cheddar Cheese and crumbled bacon; all topped with Sour Cream and garnished with a swirl of sweet and Tangy BBQ sauce – served with Tortilla Chips

Serving Size: Cheesecake

 Delivery Day: Wednesday November, 27th 

About Mario 
Chef Mario's started out as a personal chef service in Cary in 1998, and has since expanded into a popular full-service catering business in the Triangle. Chef Mario's believes health starts with nutrition, and he has a passion for taking classic dishes and giving them a healthy twist.

Nutrition Facts

Chili Cheesecake GF, Vegetarian

Ingredients: cream cheese, eggs, Chef Mario’s Super Spice Blend, diced green chilies, mozzarella and cheddar, Sour cream, Cherry tomatoes, black olives, scallions, tortilla chips

Spinach and Artichoke Cheesecake Vegetarian

Ingredients: Onion, garlic, olive oil, cream cheese, eggs, parmesan, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh spinach, dill, tarragon, Dijon, hot sauce, sour cream, roasted red peppers, red onion, Other fresh veggies for garnish options, Baguette, salt and pepper

Jalapeno Popper Cheesecake GF, Vegetarian

Ingredients: cream cheese, eggs, fresh jalapenos, bacon, pickled jalapenos, BBQ Sauce, sour cream, dijon, hot sauce, sriracha, cheddar cheese, assorted fresh Veggies for garnish, tortilla chips

**Note: Meals are prepared in kitchens that process allergens including but not limited to gluten, dairy, eggs, shellfish, and nuts. We're sorry, but at this time we cannot accommodate any food allergies.**

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