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Recipe Kit: Chicken in Verde Sauce with Sweet Peppers


Recipe Kit: Dijon Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Delicious and super easy one skillet meal, perfect for any night of the week. This Mexican style chicken dish combines Joyce chicken breasts with a zesty tomatillo verde sauce. Add in some red sweet peppers, and top it off with sliced radishes and cilantro for a colorful and tasty dish that will be ready in no time!

Here's what's included: 

 boneless skinless chicken breasts (1 lb.)

tomatillos (1 lbs.)

yellow onion (1 ct.)

cilantro (1/2 cup)

jalapeno (1 ct.)

limes (1 ct.)

radishes (3 ct.)

red bell peppers (1 ct.)



Here's what's NOT included:

chicken broth (1 cup)

ground cumin (1/4 tsp.)

garlic (2 cloves)

olive oil (1 Tbsp.)

chili powder (1/4 tsp.)

salt (1/2 tsp.)

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