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Recipe Kit: NC Apples with Bacon & Pecans


Recipe Kit: NC Apples with Bacon & Pecans

A delicious side that you can make a few hours ahead of the meal, it will keep just fine until serving. This dish features local Arkansas Black Apples grown right in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Arkansas Black are an old time variety not commonly found in other parts of the country, and make for a unique, old-fashioned addition to your Thanksgiving table. They are sauteed to bring out some sweet caramelization, and combined with salty bacon, rich pecans, and a dijon mustard dressing that is complex, unique, and delicious!


Here's what's included: 

 pecans (2 oz.)
green onion (1 ct.)
apples (2 lbs.)
mustard seeds (1/2 tsp.) 


Here's what's NOT included: 

 bacon (5 oz.)
olive oil (3 Tbsp.)
red wine vinegar (1 Tbsp.)
Dijon mustard (1 Tbsp.)




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