Chef Mario

Blueberry Crumble Breakfast Strata



Blueberry Crumble Breakfast Strata
By Chef Mario

Serving Size: Family Size (Four Portions)

Description of Blueberry Crumble Breakfast Strata
What better way to start a weekend morning than with this delightfully satisfying Breakfast Casserole. Made with fresh Blueberries, crusty baguette chunks, eggs, milk, a hint of orange and a sweet crumble topping. Your sleepy self will definitely thank you for the break from breakfast prep.

Nutrition Facts

Blueberry Crumble Breakfast Strata Vegetarian

Ingredients: Bread, Eggs, Milk, orange juice, orange zest, blueberries, oatmeal, brown sugar

**Note: Meals are prepared in kitchens that process allergens including but not limited to gluten, dairy, eggs, shellfish, and nuts. We're sorry, but at this time we cannot accommodate any food allergies.**

    Heating Instructions

    Be sure to defrost in the refrigerator overnight before baking. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Remove foil and bake for 45-50 minutes, or until center of strata is firm to the touch. If it starts to brown too much on top, cover with the foil.

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