Barre3 Special Lunch (Delivered Monday, April 3)

Barre3 Special Lunch (Delivered Monday, April 3)

Barre3 Special Lunch (Delivered Monday, April 3)


Barre3 and Supper Meals are partnering to provide you with healthy lunches for Body Blast Week. Order a lunch (or three) and get it delivered to the studio on Monday, April 3 at Noon. Perfect if you're taking the 11:00am or 12:15pm class, because fitness and nutrition go together like peas and carrots! :)

Select from the following (gluten-free) lunch options. All lunches are prepared by Catering Works, an award-winning caterer in Raleigh:

  • Miso Ginger Salad with Grilled Chicken -- $10.95
  • Lemon Chicken Hummus Bowl -- $11.95
  • Quinoa and Black Bean Bowl (vegetarian -- $7.95

Serving Size: Individual Portion

Delivery Day: Monday, April 3 for the 11:00am and 12:15pm classes.

About Supper Meals

Supper Meals is an online marketplace where you can order fresh, healthy meals to get you through your busy week.

Who cooks the meals? Not you! Amazing local chefs serve up tasty individual and family style meals, and they're delivered right to your door. All you have to do is heat and eat.

Supper chefs offer Paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free, clean eating, and good-old-fashioned wholesome food. Eat wholesome meals, support local chefs, and save time!

Miso Ginger Salad with Grilled Chicken (Gluten-free). 460 cal, 27 g carbs, 39 g protein, 24 g fat, 8 g fiber.
Ingredients: Chicken breast, Napa Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Green Onion, Edamame soy beans, corn, cashew nuts, red bell pepper, Canola oil, Rice Wine Vinegar, Sesame Oil, Carrot, Sea Salt, Black Pepper

Lemon Chicken Hummus Bowl (Gluten-free). 684 cal, 26g protein, 39g carbs, 29g fat 9g Fiber.
Ingredients: chicken breast, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, lemon zest, oregano, sugar, salt, pepper, garbanzo beans, tahini, soy sauce, cayenne, green onion, parsley, grape tomatoes, gourmet greens, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, stuffed grape leaves, yogurt, vinegar, mint

Quinoa and Black Bean Bowl with Guacamole and Salsa (Vegetarian, Gluten-free). 423 calories, 21 g protein, 66 g carbs, 9 g fat, 12 g fiber.
Ingredients: Quinoa, Olive Oil, Onion, Cilantro, Chili Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Lime Juice, Corn, Salsa, Avocado, Black beans, Monterey Jack Cheese

**Note: Meals are prepared in kitchens that process allergens including but not limited to gluten, dairy, eggs, shellfish, and nuts. We're sorry, but at this time we cannot accommodate any food allergies.**

    The Miso Ginger Salad and Lemon Chicken Hummus Bowl are ready to enjoy. The Quinoa and Black Bean Bowl can be heated in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes on low power.