Chef Mario

Bacon and Cheddar Breakfast Burritos (Fresh Frozen)



Bacon and Cheddar Breakfast Burritos
No added Sugar
By Chef Mario

Fresh frozen and ready for the freezer!

Serving Size: Half-Dozen

Description of Bacon and Cheddar Breakfast Burritos
A great Freezer Filler!!! These scratch-made Breakfast Burritos are the perfect thing to keep in the freezer for an easy, wholesome breakfast for as many or as few as you need to feed. Individually wrapped Burritos are loaded with fluffy scrambled eggs, hand-grated Cheddar Cheese, and crispy bacon. Individually wrapped and ready to heat!

Nutrition Facts

Bacon and Cheddar Breakfast Burritos No added Sugar

Ingredients: flour tortillas, cheddar cheese, bacon, eggs, salt, pepper, hot sauce

**Note: Meals are prepared in kitchens that process allergens including but not limited to gluten, dairy, eggs, shellfish, and nuts. We're sorry, but at this time we cannot accommodate any food allergies.**

    Heating Instructions

    Remove Burrito(s) from freezer. To heat in the oven: pre-heat the oven to 325 degrees. Bake (wrapped in the foil) for 18-23 mintues, or until it reaches desired temperature. To heat in the microwave: REMOVE FROM FOIL and place on a microwave safe dish. Heat for 2 minutes, let rest for one minute, then heat for an additional 2-3 minutes, or until hot inside.

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