Chef Mario Huante began his culinary career washing dishes, when he was about 14, in a small restaurant in Burlington, Vermont where he was born and raised.
Eventually, he made his way to North Carolina where, after working for an upscale catering company, he had an "entrepreneurial seizure" and began his personal chef career in 1998.
Chef Mario has always had a deep desire to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle through cooking and has since specialized in "Healthy Familiar Cuisine", which puts a healthy twist on old, familiar favorites while employing a 'One Ingredient Approach' to all of his cooking 


Owner and Executive Chef Jocelyn Midgett is a classically trained chef from the Culinary Institute of America and  She has 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry and running her own private chef and catering business.
She is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who is a passionate Crossfit Athlete and collegiate distance swimmer who still competes in open water events and triathlons.She also has two children, who keep her on her toes. In other words, she knows that life is constantly throwing curve balls that make eating healthy seem next to impossible sometimes. That is why she launched this company to deliver nutritionally balanced, individually portioned meals whose flavors are culinary driven yet fit perfectly into your meal plan.


 Chef/Owner Stacey Moritz  has been cooking since she was a young girl and her passion is nurturing her loved ones with delicious food.  It seemed a natural step to open a café where she could expand her love of cooking and offer her patrons fresh fare with a unique menu that is always evolving.  

 We are proud to use locally grown produce, cage free pasture raised eggs and sustainable products whenever possible and we continue to expand our network of those that share this commitment to our community.


After extensive five star training at the Little Nell Hotel in Aspen Colorado and 10 years of experience in fine dining, catering, hospitality, and event consulting in Charleston, South Carolina, Ladyfingers owner, Tudi Jackson knew it was time to make her way back to Raleigh. In 2003 while working as a buyer for NOFO at the Pig, Tudi began her career with Ladyfingers as the event coordinator and hasn’t looked back since. In 2013, she made Ladyfingers her own alongside her husband and business partner, David, and keeps her hands in every aspect of the business she has come to love dearly. “It’s truly a family-run business — from our long-time kitchen staff to our event coordinators. Everything that we do for our clients is done in the same way we’d appreciate and expect it to be done for us in our own homes. Our clients’ experiences reflect directly on us, and we will do everything we can to exceed their expectations.”


James Sharpe, NC farmer and Owner at Deans Farm Market offers locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables; homemade jellies, jams, preserves, and butters. Unique pickles, chow chow, relishes, and pickled vegetables, along with seasonal flags, decorations, and much more are now sold in the market.
Now with a commercial kitchen in which we cook fresh items from the farm and pre-packaged home-cooked meals made right on the farm.