Prime Raleigh's 5 Tips For Exercising on Vacation!

Written by Nick Outlaw, Prime Personal Training

Summer has officially began and travel season is among us.  Our expectations for what we will accomplish on our vacations and what actually happens can be totally different!  We make travel arrangements with great intentions, from breath taking views, unique cuisines, different cultures, hang gliding...we take these trips to feel good about the experience. We want to be glad that we made the journey. After all is said and done and we are back home, we don’t want to have any regrets.  

When traveling you don’t also take a vacation from brushing your teeth and taking a shower, right?  Well the same is true with the other habits that we have. Unless you're specifically taking a vacation to get healthier, like a yoga retreat, you'll most likely continue with the same habits and routines while on vacation.  

  • Get into an exercise routine that you enjoy before your travel.  If you haven’t already gotten into a routine yet, don’t sweat it.  Use physical activities that you enjoy.
  • Plan your travels around being physically active.  Whatever type of exercise you enjoy, lifting weight, running, yoga, calisthenics, riding a bike, etc.  Make sure that you have access to that type of exercise. For example, bring your yoga mat or rent a bike.  
  • Try to train close to the same times that you normally train, if possible.  If not, knock it out first thing in the morning before you start the rest of your day. You will be able to enjoy more of the day with the endorphins in your system and less stress.  
  • Sign up for city tours, excursions, and/or other activities that will allow you to really experience where you are while being active.  Get out and about wherever you are.  See the whole island, the whole city, the whole mountain!
  • Walk everywhere.  
  • Recruit help.  Get everyone involved.  Whomever you are traveling with, team up to help each other stay healthy.  Make an appointment with a trainer/coach before you leave or with one while traveling.  Sometimes friends can talk each other out of it.  If you think you guys may be tempted to bail together, get a pro.  

Know what you are likely going to do based on your history and your past experiences, and plan your schedule around specific ways to be active and to maximize your enjoyment of your vacation!  Ask for help if you are still uncertain on how and need more accountability.  

That’s what we are here for at Prime Raleigh.  We teach people how to move safely and efficiently.  Whether that’s a squat, push up, or just picking up their child or grandchild. Let us help you get better at taking care of you!

Written by Nick Outlaw CSCS, CPT, CES

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