Oh, Hey!

Oh, Hey!

We’re excited to welcome you to our blog! Over the past year, we've learned so much from all the great chefs, customers, and community members who helped us get Supper Meals off the ground. We realized we needed a place to put all these cool stories, so here we are, announcing our little blog to the world.

And what profound musings will we be sharing on our newly christened blog? Funny you should ask. We just so happen to have this handy list:

  • Food stuff, like nutrition information, recipes, wholesome eating tips, and the cool ingredients and culinary techniques our chefs.
  • Our chefs' stories, because the people who make your meals are amazing and we love getting to know them more in our quest to eat and support local food.
  • Wellness and fitness tips from the pros, and our favorite resources.
  • Anything we think will bring out a smile!

This blog (like us!) is a work in progress, so let us know what you'd like to hear and we'll do our best to share some food for thought! And no, that will definitely not be our last food pun...

-Dan and Roxanne


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