Mom Boss Stephanie Keefer: Supper Customer Spotlight

Platinum Sitters founder/CEO and mother of two adorable children, Stephanie Keefer has become an expert at productivity mainly because she has to be! She uses her own service, Platinum Sitters, to schedule top-notch babysitters and make time for date nights, and she orders Supper Meals to save precious hours during her busy weeks. We sat down to chat about food, sitters, and entrepreneurship.

Stephanie had her entrepreneurial “ah ha!” moment when she moved to Raleigh in 2012. Coming from NYC, she didn’t have a support system in the area and spent days trying to find a quality sitter. She realized she was wasting so much time scouring Facebook, mom groups, messaging and emailing, only to find that the candidate didn’t meet her family’s needs. When she spoke with other parents, she realized this was everyone’s experience.

While Stephanie was aware of nationwide services, she realized there was an unmet need for an on-demand marketplace for quality babysitters and nannies. Her goal was to create a simple, easy to use service that worked with only the most experienced and pre-vetted sitters in the community. PlatinumSitters was born!

Parents can join for free and have access to sitter ratings and family testimonials -- a concept much like Yelp and Angies List. The only cost is the transparent hourly rate determined by the number of children needing care, and payment is conveniently made through her intuitive website.

Because her schedule is so packed, Stephanie loves finding local services that handle her most time-intensive tasks. This allows her to have more quality family time, and even steal a few precious moments for “me-time!” She loves ordering Supper Meals because after getting home from a busy day of running Platinum Sitters, she’s in no mood to grocery shop, cook and clean! Plus, with little kids and their always changing list of “yucky” foods, Supper allows her and her husband to eat nutritious, balanced meals, while she can order more kid-friendly dishes for her younger ones. Turns out they’re not too into least not yet!

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