5 Questions with Scott Tobin of Burn Bootcamp NW Raleigh

5 Questions with Scott Tobin of Burn Bootcamp NW Raleigh

Scott spends most of his time yelling, sweaty, and motivating the women of Burn Bootcamp NW Raleigh to be their best. It’s a tough job- telling women at ungodly early hours that they’ve got 50 burpees ahead of them- yet these women haven’t mutinied (at least, not yet). Instead, together with Scott, they’ve built up a supportive, welcoming community that’s all about helping everyone achieve their goals. Scott’s all about building confidence, happiness, and discipline. Oh, and pushups, lots of them.

So a few questions for Scott...

Supper: Pullups. They’re hard. How many women have you helped achieve their first pullup, and what’s that journey like?

Scott: A pull-up is such a challenging task for not only women but for men too. A pull-up is such a big goal to accomplish and we help the women of Burn on their journey by giving them modifications until they can do pull-ups on their own.

We are proud to say we now have multiple women that can do pull-ups. We even have some women that can do up to 20 pull-ups! However, my favorite is always getting a client to get their first pull-up. The excitement on their face is priceless and they always thank me for believing in them. 

Supper: We often hear that fitness is 80% nutrition, 20% fitness. What’s your advice for fueling and staying on track throughout the day, especially for busy moms.

Scott: I always hear percentages such as 80/20, 50/50, etc; however, I'm a firm believer it's a 100% nutrition and 100% fitness (I know that's 200%). 

The workouts at Burn are easy to do. Now by no means do I mean they are easy workouts, but as a client, all you need to do is show up, work your butt off for 45 minutes and be on your way. 

Nutrition is an all day, everyday thing. Now throw in marketing campaigns and bad food that tastes so good, and it's difficult to not slack in the nutrition area. 

I'm a firm believer of you must plan to succeed, but let's be real; with two kids, one throwing up, the other one running around putting things in their mouth and the dog barking at you... did meal prep planning account for that? 

Now not every day is like that, however when time is essential, one of our best partnerships was with Supper Meals- organic, natural meals! One of my easiest decisions was to partner up with Supper Meals!  

(We’re blushing)

Supper: What’s your most and least favorite exercise? And if you say burpees are your favorite, we’ll know you are lying. They are no one’s favorite. No one.

Scott: So my favorite exercise is biking, but for specific exercises, I love rope slams and going as hard as I can for 45-60 seconds!! 

My least favorite is push-ups! I don't know what it is but I make sure all of my clients do a lot of them for me :) 

Supper: What’s your advice for someone who’s been out of the fitness game for a bit and wants to get back in?

Scott: One of the hardest things is quitting something and starting again, I know, we've all been there! I tell them to start off slow. Try working out 3 times a week and slowly progress from there. I always tell them don't try to workout everyday; eat perfect and burn yourself out. That's what we call the 'New Year's Resolution!'  

Supper: What’s you absolute favorite post-workout meal?

Scott: So it may be a NYer thing but I could always go for a bacon egg and cheese sandwich from any NY deli! Haha Sorry Supper Meals, if it's going to be a cheat meal... it's going to be a cheat meal!!  

Supper: No judgment here :)

We’re so glad we got to catch up with Scott, and be sure to check out the amazing community at Burn Bootcamp NW Raleigh.  


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