4 Tips for Health and Happiness with Brittany G.!

4 Tips for Health and Happiness with Brittany G.!

You know how you can have a terrible day and then you squeeze in a workout and suddenly, the world is butterflies and rainbows? (Or is that just us...) Well we’re big believers in the power of exercise for health and happiness.

We know finding "me" time can be tricky but it can also save your sanity, so this week, we chatted with Brittany Guerin, a Raleigh fitness professional, for some tips!  She’s the Lead Instructor at Flywheel Sports-Raleigh and is all about making fitness more accessible.

Prioritize Yourself 

It can be hard to put yourself first when you have so many other priorities-- work, family, and relationships-- but sometimes making time for yourself actually enhances the other aspects of your life. Eating well and exercising can increase your productivity and make you a better partner.

(Roxanne: Ya, sometimes I say things I don't mean when I'm hangry...)

Plan Your Week

I’m a meal prepper so every Sunday, I carve out time for cooking. But another amazing tool is Supper Meals for when you just don't have time but still want to eat well. 

I "get" to versus I "have" to!

Rather than thinking "I have to work out today," we could think, "I get to work out today." It’s a subtle mind flip but SO powerful. When exercise is labeled as a chore, it's no fun. But, if I label it as a gift to myself, I look forward to it.

Working Out is Way Better with Friends

When you make fitness social, you laugh and catch up with friends! I love using classes as an opportunity to spend time with friends, and I'm always impressed when I see couples work in a class for date night. Fitness brings people together and friends hold us accountable! If you’re looking for a workout bestie, check out the awesome people who come to Raleigh Group Fitness



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